We’re pleased to announce that we are officially open and accepting appointments. We can’t wait to meet you and your animal companions. To book an appointment, contact us at or call us at 506-525-2000


Your companion is an integral part of your life. You are an integral part of theirs, too. Welcome to St-Antoine’s large and small animal Point of Care, where you play an integral role in your animal’s healthcare.

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Open Concept Clinic

Visits to a veterinary clinic can be stressful for your companion. For many, your presence during certain procedures will help to make them feel at ease.

Large & Small

One veterinarian for all of your companions. Horses, cats, dogs, cows, we love them all. Come in or schedule a visit to your home or farm!

The Best Of Both Worlds

Nutrition and enrichment play an important role in your pet’s health. Our boutique is bursting with quality food, premium accessories, and other essentials to support your animal in day to day life. Order online or feel free to browse in person during your next visit.